Airbnb Guest Cleanliness: Expectations and Responsibilities

When it comes to Airbnb guest cleanliness, there are often varying expectations and responsibilities. Some hosts may expect guests to leave the property as they found it, while others may not mind a bit of mess. However, it’s important to remember that Airbnb is not a hotel service, but rather a platform that allows people to rent out their homes. Therefore, a certain level of respect and cleanliness is expected from guests. This article will delve into the expectations and responsibilities of Airbnb guests regarding cleanliness, and whether hosts should leave a bad review for minor messes.

What level of cleanliness do Airbnb hosts expect?

Most Airbnb hosts expect their guests to treat their homes with respect. This means not leaving any major messes, such as food spills or broken items. However, hosts understand that guests are on vacation and may not have the time or inclination to deep clean the property. Therefore, minor messes like wrappers on tables or dishes in the sink are generally acceptable. It’s always a good idea for guests to check the house rules before booking, as some hosts may have specific cleanliness expectations.

Is it the guest’s responsibility to clean up?

While Airbnb guests are not expected to deep clean the property, they should certainly clean up after themselves. This includes doing dishes, taking out the trash, and generally leaving the property in a tidy state. If a guest leaves a major mess, the host has the right to charge a cleaning fee. However, this should be clearly stated in the house rules.

Should hosts leave a bad review for minor messes?

Reviews on Airbnb are a crucial part of the platform, helping future guests and hosts make informed decisions. If a guest leaves a minor mess, such as wrappers on tables or dishes in the sink, it’s generally not considered grounds for a bad review. However, if the guest leaves a major mess or damages the property, the host has every right to mention this in their review. It’s important for hosts to be honest and fair in their reviews, to maintain the integrity of the Airbnb community.


In conclusion, while Airbnb guests are not expected to leave the property spotless, they should certainly clean up after themselves. Hosts should clearly state their cleanliness expectations in the house rules, and guests should make sure to read these before booking. As for reviews, hosts should only leave a bad review for major messes or damages, not minor messes. By respecting each other’s spaces and expectations, both hosts and guests can contribute to a positive Airbnb experience.